The Perfect Plus Size Classic Little Black Dress

One is never over- or underdressed with a little black dress.  KARL LAGERFELD

There is nothing quite as versatile as the perfect little black dress. You can dress it up with pearls and a pashmina for a formal event or wear it with a jean jacket and sandals for a casual get together with friends.

The Best Accessory for Your Little Black Dress

No matter the occasion, the best accessory to wear with a little black dress is confidence. The kind of confidence comes with knowing your dress fits you perfectly. The perfect fit is a combination of a wonderfully structured dress that is the right shape and proportion for your body.

Have A Tailor Help Make It Fit

To get the most out of your investment in a little black dress, you might want to consider having it altered by a tailor. If you have never had any clothes altered before it can sound rather daunting.  Really, somebody measuring you and all up in your business sounds stressful enough and that’s the easy part after you find a tailor. Be sure to ask for referrals from friends.

Try Nordstrom’s Tailors

OK, I’ll confess right now.  I love Nordstrom.  The personal shoppers….the fabulous customer service…..but most of all the in-house tailors. When I shop at Nordstrom (twice a year at their semi-annual sales), I know that when I am ready to make my purchases, I can get my clothes tailored without having to go anywhere else. I have been getting clothes altered at Nordstrom for 15 years and have always had impeccable service.

What do you think about tailoring options? How did you find your tailor?

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