Hello!  My name is Kate Marie and I love everything about fashion and style. I created this site because I wanted to combine my love of fashion and style into one easy to use shopping site focusing exclusively on plus size fashion.  I want to celebrate the best of Plus Size fashion with you every day.

I have been a 6 and a 16 and everywhere in between.  Until about a year ago, my clothes closet reflected my history of sizes, including my favorite LBD in three sizes. So after years of standing in front of my closet every morning and not being able to find anything to wear, I finally decided to do something about it.  I went through every item in my closet and tried it on. If it didn’t fit, I threw it in the “doesn’t fit today” pile.  At first, I didn’t know what to do with the clothes that didn’t fit, so I put them in boxes and brought them out to the garage.  I did not want to look at them every day in my closet.  I wanted only clothes that fit me to be in my closet. No judgments, just clothes that fit me today.

To be honest, my closet was pretty bare after that event. However, I re-discovered my love for accessories.  Turns out I had quite a few fabulous scarves and some pretty nice jewelry and well, shoes, lots of shoes and handbags. Accessories do not abandon you when you gain weight.  They are always there steadfast, tried and true.

Then and there I decided to build a wardrobe of clothes that I love. If it didn’t make me feel great, I was not even going to bring it home. It took me a long time to embrace and live that attitude. I was one of those gals who didn’t feel worthy of new and beautiful clothes.  You know, I’ll buy it when I lose 10 pounds.  Well you know how that ends–you just end up looking like a mess all the time because you are constantly “waiting” to be better.   So, here’s my new mantra…”You are good enough right now.  Buy the damn dress–TODAY!!”

Let’s go shopping!

Kate Marie

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